The Ryan Kopf Nerd Life Foundation

The Nerd Life Foundation, founded by Ryan Kopf, is dedicated to supporting geeks and nerds around the world through advocacy, support, and direction. The Ryan Kopf Nerd Life Foundation helps organize support across North America.

Please contact us to request information about our grant programs, or about opportunities to get involved with our work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and support nerdy behavior around the world. Reading books, learning about technology, and doing experiments should be encouraged and support in all levels of our society, and we seek to do just that.

Why We Exist

Billions of dollars are spent on advertisements promoting playing sports, but where are the advertisements supporting reading and literature? We believe that reading, learning, thinking, and imagining is far more important than getting sweaty and tackling other people.

Our Vision

A world where learning, reading, and being a nerd is supported more than being popular or playing sports.